From 07-04 till 23-04-2016 we traveled to three different places in Sweden. We chose to go to Kiel, Germany and took the ferry to Oslo, Norway, but one can also go from Kiel to Götenburg or over Danmark all the way by road. We like to search at home before we go on a trip and we chose Oslo because we wanted to visit a place there before we went to Hamra. I (Dick) had a great wish to photograph Black Grouse display. In Holland this isn’t posible anymore so one has to go abroad. Also Common Crane and Common Goldeneye could be photographed at the place we chose.We selected Hilmar and Petra Wichmann at Hamra National Park in Sweden because we have heard good stories about them from other photographers. Please visit www.schweden-wichmann.de for more information about the tours. This fantastic couple is doing everything to make you feel at home. Petra with her nice meals and Hilmar does everything to make your trip to a success. Every morning we got out of bed round three ‘o clock and into the dark, Hilmar brings the photographers to the hides. Every photographer has its own hide but mostly there are two hides next to each other. At around ten ‘o clock Hilmar picks you up to get breakfast and after that one can rest for an hour or so before you go to the next hide. In our case Mira and I chose to go our own way after I had been in a hide and we visited places that Hilmar showed us on the map. This because Mira was not going into all the hides. This trip is 8 days full board and worth every penny to us.

After these 8 days we went ±50 km to the north, to visit camp Ångra in a place called Kårböle. There is a Dutch guy, Marco Hassold, www.wildlifesweden.se for further information, who rented a floating hide for Wolverine and European Brown Bear. In one word: this hide is fantastic !!! Marco brings you to the hide in the afternoon round three 'o clock and picks you up the next morning round eleven 'o clock. One has to stay in the hide during the night, but the hide is well isolated and there is a toilet and a place to sleep for 4 photographers. Every photographer has a hole to put on a beanbag or a place for a tripod and they have all good adjustable chairs. 500mm or more lenses are fitting thru the holes but most of the time a shorter lens will do the job. I myself put two tripods, one with 500mm and 1,4 converter and one with 200-400mm both thru one hole. We recommand to bring bread with you in the hide for the evening and morning needs. A warm dinner can be reserved by Marco in the afternoon when you come out of the hide. This is good and cheap. In the hide one can make cofee or tea and there is a gas heather.Honesty said we recommand this hide for June and July because April is still to dark as the animals show up. In June and July there is almost 24 hours daylight and the animals come late in the evening. Marco said sometimes the animals come at eight in the evening but when we where there we have seen nothing. Dispite the meat Marco puts there, they are afterall wild animals….We stayed at Marco’s place for four days and wanted to visit him again in an other year, but then in June.

The last three days we stayed at Fulufjällsbyn near Fulufjället National Park where we rented a cottage. near Sårna at the Norwegian border. Here one can find the highest waterfall of Sweden (60 meter Njupeskär) and its worth a visit, although a steep climb…. and a lot of snow.

Time is running fast when your’e having fun they say and so this trip came to an end….. we are looking forward to new adventures that hopefully come.  Click for more pictures on Sweden..


© Photography Mira Diels and Dick Hoogenboom.

© Text by Dick Hoogenboom.